Children's arrhythmias

Children's arrhythmia is quite wide spread – it s third for frequency after the arterial hypertension and heart-deceases, and often it is not the predominant cardiological diagnosis. Children's arrhythmia is often revealed accidentally because children, unlike adults, don't complain even in case of serious defects of heart rhythm, because they don't feel these defects.

The main sequences of arrhythmia in babyhood may be:

  • Apnoea
  • Occasional blanching and occasional blue color of skin
  • Causeless worry
  • Food refusal, hypostenic suckle, bad body weight gain
  • Bad sleep, frequent wakening, night crying.

For an aged child symptoms of arrhythmia are following:

  • Faintings
  • Bad tolerance for physical exercise
  • Strong fatigability
  • Sense of abnormalities of heart rhythm.