Our mission

Our mission is to save lives and to support the families of children who are predisposed to sudden death due to heart rhythm troubles

We called our organization “Crystal heart” taking into account the weakness of children's hearts, which should be treated carefully as crystal makes. We work on awareness of people about the consequences of children's heart arrhythmia and about the methods of preventing the death cases. Life threatening arrhythmias, which lead to the sudden cardiac arrest, can be hidden for years and a child can be quite healthy, but in the same time such arrhythmias can take place suddenly in time of physical activities, emotional stress and with the sense of unusual pain in chest.

Few people know, that 50 % of children have different genetic abnormalities of heart rhythm, but many of these can be cured, and thus one can save child's life.

Our challenge is to tell parents, teachers, training managers and medical staff what should be paid attention for, to recommend a specialist or a clinic, where the genetic test can be passed; our goal is also to inform of all the risks and to teach parents how to prevent life threatening situations and sudden children's death.