Group learning first aid

12 october 2012

Dear friends!

We gather a group for learning first aid. Conduct classes are highly qualified.

“It was very interesting and informative. Instructions were wonderful. It was not easy reading material, and communication, discussion and practical exercises. Among the audience were the workers, doctors, psychologists, people involved in extreme sports, and the people who do read such courses…”

11/20/2012 M.F.Musayeva    Read the full review

At our request, will be paid to the importance of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), but only if we have 10 people. I think this is a very useful thing and myself had already passed such courses. You will learn many necessary things that will help you to get out in a difficult situation.

For example, in cardiac arrest, you will learn how to support a person’s life, a child, before the arrival of the ambulance. You will be shown a simulator automated external defibrillators (AED). But  the program activities includes also many other things that are also interesting and necessary in our lives.

How to stop the blood, how to save people from a foreign body in the mouth, what to do in case of burns and injuries. At the end of the learning  will be given a certificate that you can  be give  first aid to the victim. A one-day occupation, cost 3500 rub. The price includes lunch. Classes are held in the city center. Who has the desire to write me an e-mail, name, phone number, I could  can  communicate with you. Once the group is formed I 'll write or call and explain when and where to drive.

Sincerely yours

Marina Lesnitskaya